Brief update on things that are going on.

First, I'm in the middle of a move back to Baltimore, Maryland, and have been since about April. It's been slow, and things have really only started ramping up during the past couple of months (read: since about late June/early July). At the moment, I'm living close to Washington, D.C. It has its perks, but cost of living is not one of them. While I would love to stay, I need a bit of a financial break. Come the beginning of September, I'll be back up north. I'll probably be making a post with things for sale to the local Northern Virginia-Maryland area.

Second, I'm loosely working on things for the Regional Anthropomorphic Writers Retreat. Very loosely. I still need to send out an update for the mailing list. I did manage to get the website migrated in function to a new Mezzanine-based system. It's the very same system the RAWR Write-a-Thon is running on. A lot of information still needs to be uploaded and updated, and now that we have multiple pages, we can organize things a lot better.

Third, I've been in training and/or doing a lot of intense, late-night client work. It's taken a lot of time (and energy) away from things.

Fourth, Skunkbomb, a local NoVa writer furry, has set up a local writing group for NoVaMa furry writers to share some critique. We met this last Saturday and critiqued three stories. Interested parties living in the area should ask him about joining, if interested.

So, things have been pretty busy! Hopefully things for all of you have been going well! I'm hoping once the move is finished, I can make some time to work on writing and finishing up my other projects and obligations.

That's all for now!