Who are you?

My name is Alkani and I'm an author best represented by their anthropomorphic serval fursona.

Servals (Leptailurus serval) are medium-sized cats which live on the savannas of Africa. They have keen hearing, a deadly pounce, a high jump, a painful bite, and are best known for their huge ears, long legs, and thick necks. Servals also communicate through hisses and by using a short call called a chirp.

Anthropomorphic animals are non-human creatures given traditionally human attributes, such as sapience, language, and emotional cognizance.

What's with the name?

This blog, named after the chirping sound a serval makes, is intended to be a collection of short posts discussing a variety of topics of interest to the author. While the goal is to present short posts, extended posts and essays discussing complex topics will likely be present as well.

What will you talk about?

  1. The Furry Fandom - I'm a furry, if that wasn't obvious enough already. I'll be talking about the fandom as a whole, the writing scene within it, observations I make, conventions, and lots of other stuff related to all things furry.

  2. Technical Pursuits - I work in the information technology industry as a consultant and have formerly worked for a Fortune 500 technology company focusing in servers, storage, software, services, and solutions delivery. I sometimes babble about hardware, software, and occasionally code something.

  3. Writing - I'm a hobbyist writer, with a novella length work and a short story in the works. I sometimes take a long time to realize or return to an idea (the novella was written in 2014 and still needs a heavy editing pass). I'm also involved in a writing workshop called the Regional Anthropomorphic Writers Retreat (RAWR). As of the time of this writing, the workshop is preparing to go into its second year.

  4. Gaming - I enjoy playing board, card, and video games, especially cooperative games such as Pandemic, Sentinels of the Multiverse, and social games like Quiplash. I have rarely streamed games, but maybe I might at some point.

  5. Creative Pursuits - Something I rarely engage in these days, but something I enjoy. I sometimes compose music, draw and sketch, and miss performing music.

  6. Fursuits - I have an interest in building my own fursuit, along with exploring the technologies required to make my particular vision of what I want in a suit a reality. Some of the technologies I need aren't there yet, but someday they might be.

With that, welcome to my blog!